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Code of Federal Regulations EDGAR: SEC Filings & Forms
Federal Regulatory Information (U. Mich.) GPO Access (U.S. Gov't. Printing Office)
Internal Revenue Code - Search (Cornell) IRS
IRS: Directory for Practitioners IRS: Forms & Publications
IRS: Info for Tax Professionals IRS: Resources for Tax Professionals
IRS: Regulations & Comment Deadlines IRS: Regulations (download)
IRS: Website Index Legislative Information on the Internet
The Library of Congress The Department of the Treasury
U.S. Tax Code On-Line U.S. Code - Searchable (Cornell)


SUPREME COURT DECISIONS US Ct. of App. - Fed. Cir. (Emory)
The Federal Court Locator (Villanova) U.S. Federal Courts Finder (Emory)
U.S. Ct. of App. - 1st Cir. (Emory) U.S. Ct. of App. - 2nd Cir. (Touro)
U.S. Ct. of App. - 3rd Cir. (Villanova) U.S. Ct. of App. - 4th Cir. (Emory)
U.S. Ct. of App. - 5th Cir. (UT @ Austin) U.S. Ct. of App. - 6th Cir. (Emory)
U.S. Ct. of App. - 7th Cir. U.S. Ct. of App. - 8th Cir.
U.S. Ct. of App. - 9th Cir. U.S. Ct. of App. - 10th Cir. (Washburn)
U.S. Ct. of App. - 11th Cir. (Emory) U.S. Ct of App. - D.C. Cir. (Georgetown)
U.S. Tax Court  


Alabama Department of Revenue Alaska Department of Revenue
Arizona Dept. of Revenue Forms & Info Arizona Tax Links
Arkansas Dept. of Finance and Administration California Franchise Tax Board
California State Controller's Office Colorado Department of Revenue
Connecticut Dept. of Revenue Services Delaware Division of Revenue
District of Columbia Taxpayer Service Center Florida Department of Revenue
Georgia Department of Revenue Hawaii Department of Taxation
Idaho State Tax Comission Indiana Department of Revenue
Illinois Department of Revenue Iowa Department of Revenue and Finance
Kansas Department of Revenue Kentucky Revenue Cabinet
Louisiana Department of Revenue Maine Revenue Services
Maryland Comptroller of the Treasury Massachusetts Department of Revenue
Michigan Department of Treasury Minnesota Dept. of Revenue—Taxes
Mississippi State Tax Commission Missouri Department of Revenue
Montana Department of Revenue Nebraska Department of Revenue
Nevada Department of Taxation New Hampshire Dept. of Revenue Administration
New Jersey Division of Taxation New Mexico Taxation & Revenue Dept.
New York Department of Taxation and Finance North Carolina Dept. of Revenue
North Dakota Taxation and Revenue Dept. Ohio Department of Taxation
Oklahoma Tax Commission Oregon Department of Revenue
Pennsylvania Department of Revenue Rhode Island Division of Taxation
South Carolina Department of Revenue South Dakota Department of Revenue
Tennessee Department of Revenue Texas Taxes
Utah State Tax Commission Vermont Department of Taxes
Virginia Department of Taxation Washington State Department of Revenue
West Virginia State Tax Department West Virginia Tax Research Locator
Wisconsin Department of Revenue Wyoming Department of Revenue
Federation of Tax Administrators Multistate Tax Commission
MTC Taxpayer Services  


Internet Law Library—Laws of Other Nations NASTA Tax Alert



BNA Tax Management LNET-LLC Discussion
Research Institute of America (RIA) Tax Analysts' Free Bulletins
TaxWire: Today's Tax News The Tax Prophet Hot Topics
TTT logo Tax Talk Today Tax Wizard Tax Legislation Updates


Executive Branch Agencies—The President's Cabinet FedWorld (government information)
FindLaw: Internet Legal Resources Hieros Gamos Legal Research Center
Internet Law Library—Taxation 'Lectric Law Library Links Links to States (by Barry Rubin)
Tax and Accounting Sites Directory Tax Master
Taxworld Taxworld State Tax Resources
WashLaw Web Index (Washburn Univ.) Yahoo—Taxes


Court Rules of Evidence and Procedure—1995 Internet Law Library
Internet Law Library—State Laws
Law Crawler—Legal Info Search Engine Legal Information Institute
LexisNexis Library of Congress
SEC Filings & Forms (EDGAR) Social Security Administration
U.S. House of Representatives Search Westlaw


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